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AMS Lab 參加 2022 TGA 臺灣地球科學聯合學術研討會

2022 TGA 臺灣地球科學聯合學術研討會 2022/06/7~10


Inter-annual variations of D14C TOC and elemental contents in the laminated sediments of the Santa Barbara Basin during the past 200 years.

博士後研究員Satabdi Misra    
講演主題: The sediment and heavy metal pollution sources in Keya river Basin reflected by analysis of radionuclide dispersion, XRD and SEM on sediment collector samples: Hsinchu Science Park influence.

博士後研究員 沈姿岑   
研究主題: 沉積物有機相元素污染監測之初探研究:以新竹客雅溪為例

大學部三年級生 junior 陳欣欣   
研究主題: Human influence on the variations of acid leachable pb concentration in santa barbara basin, california.